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see Logic puzzles, challenges that make you think outside the box, and brain exercise games offer enjoyment while keeping your mind mentally fit. If you like mobile games that challenge your brainpower and let you have a great time while doing it, then check out these all-time greats. With 49 games in six categories, Left vs Right lets you exercise both sides of your brain.

You can start your daily training with a tap and play four thought-provoking games. Memorize items that customers order and then recall who ordered what. Watch the shapes move and tap the fastest one. Calculate your share of the bill based on the total and what your friends are paying. These are the types of games that test your memory, reflexes, and reasoning. You can grab Left vs Right for free. Subscribing to a monthly or yearly plan gives you all categories each day, plus progress reports.

When you have a few minutes to spare for a game , train your brain with Left vs Right. Head to class for some brain training fun in Brain School. With perplexing puzzles, challenging math questions, and logic games that make you think, this is a great way to hone your mental skills. In its school theme, the app takes you through four years of testing.

Each year contains a different set of games with five levels each.

Pick one from these quick puzzle games to stimulate your brain. Read More to match the image, and a magic hat shell game.

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Download the best Mind Games. Sudoku Free (Android). Sudoku Free ( Android). Flow Free (Android). Flow Free (Android). Elevate - Brain Training ( Android). These free brain games will challenge your mind and keep you sharp. If you like mobile games that challenge your brainpower and let you have a great time while doing it, then Download: Left vs Right for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available) .. 5 Options for Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Repair or Replacement.

And you can access reports of how well you do in each year. Brain School for iOS Free. Peak is another cool way to train your brain with fun and games. Each day you are greeted with a random collection of games that test areas like memory, attention, problem solving, and creativity skills. You may need to create words from the letters displayed, paint tiles based on the numbers in the columns and rows, or tap faces showing certain emotions.

There are over 35 games, statistics for your performance in each category, and achievements you can earn. With four workouts available for free, you can test yourself each day with something new.

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If you want more, Peak has a pro version that opens 16 daily workouts, unlimited access to 45 games, replays, and relaxing challenges. If this one piqued your interest, then check out Peak. Peak for Android iOS Free, subscription available. If not, what makes this app a great challenge is that you have a daily workout that will put your problem-solving, memory, and overall thinking skills to the test. The games in Lumosity are unique and enjoyable while stimulating at the same time. You may be in a race car testing your reflexes, swiping leaves depending on their colors to test your memory, or assembling puzzle pieces to test your problem-solving abilities.

You can challenge yourself to over 40 games, get detailed statistics, and see where you excel.

Play Lumosity for free and if you like it, take a look at the paid premium plan which gives you workout mode choices, access to all games, tracking, and more. Lumosity is fun, challenging, and definitely worth a look. Lumosity for Android iOS Free, subscription available. Own an Apple Watch? Remember, you can play games on your wrist too. These great Apple Watch games let you solve puzzles, explore, and more right on your wrist.

Best brain training apps for 2018: Top picks to keep your mind fighting fit

Arctic Escape Price: Arctic Escape is another newer puzzle game from It features a variety of puzzles similar to console games like The Witness. You have various boards and each board needs solved. The game has 18 stages with a variety of puzzles in each one along with a story line. This is also the third game in the series and the previous two are pretty good as well.

The three together should provide a decent amount of entertainment. The previous games are also fairly inexpensive. Looking for more excellent Android games? Try these! Hello Neighbor Price: Hello Neighbor is one of the most unique puzzle games on mobile. Your neighbor is doing some weird stuff and you want to check it out. Thus, you break into the house over and over again. The neighbor sets up defenses after each break-in based on your entry and exist strategies. You have to adjust your strategies accordingly. This was a very popular game on PC and the mobile game plays about the same.

This one is rather expensive. The criticism is a little more harsh due to its price tag. However, it's still a good game with a unique premise.

2. Brain School

Life is Strange Price: Life is Strange is an outstanding adventure-puzzle-drama game. It follows the life of a Max, a high school girl with special powers. She can rewind and replay various moments in her life. You rewind and redo various moments until you get the desired results. This is a port of a console game and a pretty good one, too. The graphics and mechanics are good and the story is entertaining. There is a prequel for this game available as well, but it might need an update or two before we would fully recommend it. This may not be a puzzle game in the classic sense, but the main mechanic is a puzzle element so we're counting it.

Monument Valley 1 and 2 Price: Monument Valley 1 and 2 are some of the most popular puzzle games on mobile. They use MC Escher-inspired puzzle mechanics. You twist and turn portions of the level in order to progress. The games aren't difficult. They boast a more relaxing experience rather than challenging. The Monument Valley games do look fantastic, though. The art style is definitely to be applauded. The second game is a bit longer but not by much. These are classics. Yes, the adorable pink puff ball that eats stuff.

1. Left vs Right

You fly around in a UFO while doing odd jobs for the village townspeople. Each job is a puzzle.

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The game has a variety of colorful characters, plenty of levels and puzzles, and even some stuff to unlock. It also has Google Play Games support for achievements. It's not the most graphically intense game out there, but we like it anyway. Playdius Entertainment puzzle games Price: Playdius Entertainment is another publisher on Google Play. Its puzzle games are some of the most unique. Laura's Story, and Bury me, my Love. The first two are mystery puzzle games. You have someone's phone. Your goal is to search through it to find out who they are, where they went, and what happened to them.

Bury me, my Love is a text game about a refugee. It's definitely something different, but also really fun. The Lifeline series by 3 Minute Games are also excellent adventure-puzzle games with text elements. Yep, we have even more mobile game suggestions for you!

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Over time, the app trains you to use both hemispheres effectively when you solve problems or make decisions. They use MC Escher-inspired puzzle mechanics. Big Brain - Functional Brain Training. While you might think that staring at your phone would numb your brain, a number of apps can actually help to keep your mind fighting fit Image: This is also the third game in the series and the previous two are pretty good as well. This list changes almost entirely every year and was no different.

Check these out! Prune Price: Prune is another beautifully done puzzle game. The basic premise has you growing a plant. Your job is to shear the plant to help it grow into the light. You win when you make that happen. It includes 48 levels and you can sync your progress between devices.

Aside from its minimal style, it also includes no in-app purchases. That means you can't pay your way out of a jam. It's one of the better, more underrated puzzle games out there. It's also family friendly.

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It's a faithful port and the game. You'll have the full world to explore, all the puzzles to solve, and everything between. It even includes some extra content. There are also some modern features such as remastered graphics. The game is a long, large experience with plenty of stuff to do. It's a great experience overall. It's one of the newer puzzle games, but it's still relatively bug free.

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Just search for it in Google Play! Returner 77 Price: Returner 77 is one of the more intense puzzle games. It has a post-apocalyptic narrative where the player is one of the last survivors of an alien attack. You explore the alien ship, solve various puzzles, and find out what happened to everybody. The game also features a heavy story line, cut scenes, and fairly excellent graphics. The developers say this is the first game in the series.