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https://idinmasjafern.tk/map8.php I'm from EU. SidewindeR how to change the default application in like for music player can i chose any other music player as default. Opera mini not to be confused with opera mobile is the most imp appn to be installed.

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In any case op mini is best as its quick and allows to backup bookmarks which can later be restored when op mini is reinstalled in the same handset after hard reset or different one. Also if one is downloading unsigned apps every now and then from unofficial sites, anti virus too is reqd. Open 'backup'. There is option 'all' to back up everything. Anonymous, 26 Aug Wht all things i may loss by a hard reset??? Contacts, settings, installed apps, messages, themes, and user files like calendar entries and notes.

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But everything can be backed up except for the installed app. For that I guess you have to use the Ovi suite and do a full backup including your memory card. Anonymous, 26 Aug So nokia has made this phone for hackers it appears. It seems that to get the most out of this That is the speciality of symbian open source I guess. I am neither and I'm reaping the full benefits. If you follow instructions correctly, hacking won't take much time than doing a fw update using Ovi suite. Yes it is.. No changes to the OVi store or any apps that come with the fw.. Sonia, 26 Aug Yaar Suggest me some of good apps u hav used and a very breif description abt it????

There are a lot of good apps available for this phone. Some are productive apps while others are fun.

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Enter your email address. Graphics Suite X6 is your trusted graphic design software solution. Kb fonts. What's new in version 1. Unsigned app for for Symbian mobiles - one of the best Symbian Applications for free!

Anyway I will just post some of apps that i feel is a must have for this phone to expand its capabilities. LCG photobook - A great and faster alternative to the gallery that come preloaded. Supports a lot of features like folder view of pictures and faster zooming and panning. Djavu reader - An alternative to the Adobe reader LE. Much better at rendering and displaying PDF files with smoother and faster panning. Good for ebook reading. Google Maps - No descrition needed I guess.

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  • Handy Paint. V1.50. S60v5, 3. Unsigned.
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Opera Mobile - Apart for the lack of flash support, the best and fastest web browser with real web like browsing experience. Youtube app - Faster than the builtin web browser but guess quality wise not as good as the default flash player. Quick Office - Good app for office document editing and viewing even supports office formats. Mobile Gaming.

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Nintendo DS. Playstation 3. Playstation Portable. Xbox Series Windows CE. Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Windows Mobile Smartphone. Paint Pad Sponsored Links: Shareware Price: Like it? Share with your friends!

Supported operating systems: S60 5th Edition. Similar Software: The UI has nice 3D look and it is very intuitive and natural to use.


Handy Paint. V S60v5, 3. Unsigned Symbian App, download to your mobile for free. HANDY PAINT LITE V Symbian App, download to your mobile for free.

There are no texts, but big icons and images. Also small children can easily use the application. Mobile Painter Mobile Painter is a cool application for children but also for adults who want to kill some time. XpressSketch XpressSketch- is a paint program which has several advantages over similar products. You can use it to create your own paintings, or edit pictures taken from your device's camera, even you can take a screenshot for editing.

Sand Touch Drawing on falling sand. The application provides a number of drawing options that can be selected from a toolbar.


There are two toolbar options, CAknToolbar and a custom floating toolbar. HandyPaint Just draw your mind right on your mobile phone! Enjoy the release of your imagination. HandyPaint provides you pleasant and excellent drawing performance that better than any product in the industry.

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