Clear vision app walkthrough mission 4

Clear Vision 3 Cheats And Tips: Mission 11-15 Walkthrough

When you first hit the scene, you'll see a guy standing in the doorway and one sitting outside. Aim your weapon in the small windows next to the doorway.

Clear Vision 3 Cheats And Tips: Mission 16-20 Walkthrough

Judge for distance while aiming towards the second row of small windows, and you'll take him out nice and cleanly. Your client explains that his intended target has escaped assassination before, but he's going off on a mountain climbing excursion that'll make him easy pickings.

  1. Walkthrough Mission 4 - Clayton for Clear Vision 3;
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When you first line up your target, he'll be coming down from the top, and moving rather quickly. However, he'll pause midway through his descent to make some adjustments. Line him up and take a quick shot, because otherwise, he'll slide down the rope to safety. You're on a protective mission again, this time preventing your client and his buddy from being ripped off by fellow dealers. You'll want to focus on the two guys on the left.

Go ahead and concentrate your first bullet on the one talking with your client. After shooting him, the other guy will start shooting and take cover behind some rocks.

Clear Vision 3 Walkthrough and cheats by App Cheaters!

Wait for him to pop his head out in the open, then let him have it. Camping 6ft Under. Mission Political Progression. Served on a Silver Plate. Dockyard Menace.

Reading is Underrated. Cruel Sunday. Promotion Coming Up.

Walkthrough Mission 4 - Clayton

The Last Sanctuary. Bouncing Bouncers. Check Please? Crouching Tiger.

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It's been a long wait, but Clear Vision 4 is finally here! And we're the first to come and share a complete walkthrough to this amazing sniping. Feb 12, We have the latest round of Clear Vision 3 walkthroughs for missions 16 through 20, and for these, you'll want to make sure you have an.

Sipping Out. How to pass kill investor From: Tack out employ From: Just line him up, make slight adjustments for the headshot and take him out. This scoundrel keeps stealing your client's boat and pretending to be a fancy boat captain - so now it's time to send him to Davy Jones' locker.

Clear Vision 3 Cheats and Tips: Missions 31-35 Walkthrough

He'll be chatting with a client when you first spot him, but he's hard to miss in his captain's hat. You won't have to worry too much about wind compensation or distance here, just line him up and shoot that stupid cap off his head. Your client really wants to win a photo competition, so he calls on you to take out his opponent.

You'll find your target in the park, taking a picture of a local passerby. Don't shoot at the guy who's facing him. Instead, point your gun at the one whose back is turned to you, holding the camera. Don't worry too much about wind compensation or distance here, just aim and pop one in the back of his head.

Here's where things get really interesting. Karen isn't asking for just one assassination, she wants two. A pair of guys are crossing a bridge from both directions, and it's your job to take them out in one shot. The key here is pointing your rifle scope at the center of the screen, and wait for their heads to cross into the crosshairs at exactly the same time.