Windows mobile skin for android

Launch the launcher, and you get to choose some aspects of the interface, and get the option of having the Bing daily wallpaper show up on your phone too.

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Widgets show your frequently used apps, recent messages and photos, and favorite contacts, and all of this can be customized. Any of the widgets can be pinned to one of your home screens for a better look. Elsewhere your home screen icons and app drawer get a visual overhaul, and the persistent Google search box at the top of the screen is replaced with a persistent Bing search box—you can actually switch this to Google or Yahoo if you prefer, or disable it altogether.

Como Instalar a Rom Windows Phone 8 no Galaxy Pocket

Tap the Launcher Settings button on the home screen to customize pretty much every aspect of the launcher, from the direction apps scroll in, to which gestures are supported across the system. OneDrive , meanwhile, brings everything in your Microsoft cloud storage locker over to your Android phone. Again this can be set up from inside the app when you install it. The big benefit for Microsoft loyalists, irrespective of the various ins and outs of the Edge vs Chrome debate , is that you can sync everything over from the desktop version of Edge, including bookmarks and browsing history.

Squint your eyes and paste a Nokia sticker on the back and it could almost be the real thing. Since its launch, Windows 10 has made connecting to Android pretty straightforward, thanks in part to the versatility of Android and thanks in part to Microsoft making its big-name apps more cloud-focused and readily available on mobile. Windows Phone is dead. However, there are some things from the Windows Phone that are worth keeping, and luckily many of them are available in one form or another on Android.

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Alternatively, if you want to go a bit more contemporary, you could try SquareHome 2, which is perhaps a little more elegant than Launcher 8. The animations of the tiles are lovely, and app icons are integrated into the tile interface, rather than replaced with more generic icons.

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If you find the tiles a bit garish, you can add backgrounds and add transparency effects to the tiles, giving it a nice slick appearance. The tiles are live, and it also comes with its own Smart App Drawer which prioritizes your most-used apps.

It has much the same functionality as Google Assistant, is regularly updated, and syncs up nicely with Windows, too. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a designer, you can even customize the existing theme to your liking!

There is no scheduled release date yet, but it is coming. The only downside to this Android app launcher is that it contains ads, and but the ads can be removed via in-app purchases.

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WP Style Launcher 10 has functioning live tiles with notifications, such as missed calls, SMS text alerts, calendar, weather, time, email, and more. The app also has the ability to set the transparency level for tiles. Apptech Games Price: Arrow Launcher is a light and efficient Android launcher that integrates many Microsoft services Office, Skype, etc. So if you are looking for a Microsoft alternative to the Android launchers out there, give Arrow Launcher a try.

Now that my Lumia is back in working order, I will stick with Windows 10 Mobile until its last breath.

These are the best Windows 10 Mobile launchers for Android

Download QR-Code. Square Home 3 - Launcher: Windows style. Square Home Key - Launcher: Launcher

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