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I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite game on the App Store

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Far Cry: Top Users Top Users. FallenAngel Nyxus JamieReleases Abriael RainOfTerror GamerGaming Terms of Service: Important Consumer Information. This app: Cmon im a massive Mass Effect fan and i cant even play this on my Samsung Galaxy S2, I demand a refund or at least an update!

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  • Mass Effect Infiltrator lands on Android;
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  • Mass Effect: Infiltrator for Android - Sales, Wiki, Release Dates, Review, Cheats, Walkthrough.
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  • Mass Effect Infiltrator | Articles | Pocket Gamer.
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And worst of all i cant even get a refund through google play since the download took awhile and i cant play or get a refund on this, worst day of my life! I will update Appsgare with more tips and tricks, so please bookmark Appsgare.

Mass Effect Infiltrator Removed from App Stores by BioWare EA // Mass Effect News

Surely, you can share your own stuff and help players unlock more goodies, levels, magic potions and earn stars. If you have any suggestions or questions, then do leave a comment and I or my friends and readers will answer them. Visit Game Apps page for more games, level videos, written guides, tutorials, cheats and more.

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We are constantly looking to improve the feature set of the engine, and have always tried to push each device to its limits. Very early on in development, we decided with BioWare to focus purely on the action and combat mechanics of Mass Effect in Infiltrator. We still have a strong fully voice-acted narrative Jay Franke, the voice of JC Denton in the original Deus Ex games plays our protagonist , but we made a conscious decision to eschew a dialogue system to focus purely on combat.

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We felt that was a much better angle to pursue given the short burst play inherent to the platform. We do support quite a bit of character customisation, though. Due to Randall's Reaper tech enhancements, he enjoys the freedom to use a wide variety of weapons and biotics. In lieu of a full squad to command, players have the freedom to mould Randall into the type of build they prefer - whether that's weighted in favour of weapons, biotics, stealth, or even melee. Pocket Gamer: What's the storyline in Mass Effect Infiltrator , and how does it tie in to Mass Effect 3 's narrative?

[RESOLVED] mass effect infiltrator

How much interaction have you had with Mass Effect series creator BioWare during the development of the game? What do players get, and how does that work? It's billed as a third-person shooter, but does it have any of the RPG elements we'd be familiar with from the console Mass Effect games?

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