Ios 7 notification traffic conditions The new traffic information is designed to compete with Google Now.

How Significant Locations works

The traffic information in iOS 7 Notification Center is a useful feature for anyone that commutes to work and back. Here's how the feature works, how you can. to get traffic information to display in my Notification Center on iOS 7. the estimated time and trafficking conditions to your next desination.

First off, this is a feature that gets smarter through use. For the traffic information to actually pick up information, you have to turn on the location services, the frequent locations and also, most importantly, move about.

  • All You Need To Know About iOS 7 Traffic Feature [Notification Center].
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  • All You Need To Know About iOS 7 Traffic Feature [Notification Center]?
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Home, office, etc. The iPhone picks up all these data, collates them and starts providing traffic information based on where you are, the route you usually take and the traffic data at that point of time. If the switch is ON for a few days and you have been moving about with your iPhone, Frequent Locations will show you a list of places where you have been, recently or frequently.

iOS 7 Feature: Revamped Notification Center

This is the data your iPhone uses to push traffic information to you. Dhvanesh Adhiya. Sponsored Links.

What are Frequent Locations and Maps Destinations?

Posted on Sep 21, 6: I have an iPhone 4S, and according to the Apple site on the new iOS this feature should be available. The setting is currently used to show or hide alerts on the Lock screen. Kind regards, Joris. View the complete Ask iLounge archives To be sure, swipe down on your screen to bring up Notification Center.

Next article Nix Color Sensor and App: I have the same problem with my iPhone 5 so I will be watching this to see if anyone has a solution. It seems that you have to use the MAP on a regular basis for the iPhone to learn your pattern of traveling before it will tell, automatically, you the estimated time and trafficking conditions to your next desination. Sep 25, 3: I have the same problem here. I've tried all settings and factory settings, nothing seems to work.

Iphone notification traffic conditions

I do use the map application to navigate to work, and also addes my work adress in my own contact info After a couple of weeks it will track where and when you go on a daily basis and will start showing you the estimated time to your next most likely location in Notifications center. Sep 25, 4: Anyone else have any insight? Sep 26, 9: Hemagofi, Do you have a 4s, 5, 5c, or 5s?? I have a 4s and I do not have a toggle under notification settings, for "Next Destination" Either, I have all the location services I need on to have this feature work. Hopefully not too much longer cause I want it, but i cant do anything to speed it up so, we wait.

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Hi JustinG, I have a 5, my guess is the same as yours, but I'm worried that the toggle won't appear, since a friend of mine also has a 5 and since day one had the toggle on, but it showed nothing in notification center because it was "learning" his locations. My point is, maybe waiting only works when you already have the toggle on, and after your iPhone learns your routines it starts showing you messages in the Notification center.

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Still, let's wait and hope, maybe 7. Sep 26, 6: Hemagofi, hey, I have a 4s: Anyway, my mom has a 5 and I finally talked her into downloading 7 and I was able to look at her phone a few hrs ago and she had the "next destination" tab.

How to Know Local Traffic Conditions with Traffic iPhone and iPad App

Cause my thought is this, why would I have the ability to log all my destinations and all that if it's not going to result in The "ETA" in the notification bar when it's learned my routine?? I think it's just a matter of waiting.

Have you figured anything out?? I did the hard reset, nothing to lose, and it worked!!!! The "next destination" tab showed up!!! So hopefully it won't take too much longer to learn my routine. Sep 27, 9: From there restore to iOS 7. This is the most important step, it took me three restores to figure it out: Now just sit and wait until all your content is downloaded from iCloud and give it a couple of weeks to "learn" your locations.

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I hope this helps everybody out there and forgive me if I'm not clear, I'm not a native English speaker. I also just did a hard reset and suddenly had the "Next Destination" toggle appear as well. This is on a brand new 5s. Seems a lot of work for nothing but if that way worked for you then that's all that matters..

Then just do the hard reset and should work.