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leondumoulin.nl/language/math/the-heritage-of-dress-being.php Touch the top right cloud. Don't touch anything; there is no green drop. Pop the baloons from right to left. Drag the bubble to the right box it's a rectangle, not a square. Tap the money from 5 top right , 25, 10, and other 5. Tap the bottom left fish has an eyebrow.

The Impossible Test Answer Sheet

Press continue. Tap the bottom right blue square. Drag the earth and the other planet to the little white hole in the middle of the big black hole. Drag the saw up and down on the wood to pick up the saw must hold the handle. Touch the bluish square it's a rotated diamond. Drag the penguin to the side and then an egg will appear touch it. Drag the "! Turn the iPhone or iTouch upside-down. Tap the green, yellow, and red light.

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Disconnect the right cherry from the left by pulling it away, then tap the left cherry Drag the envelope to the right side of the dash, then drag the "e" from "e-mail" to the left side of the dash Bottom Bun, Patty, Ketchup, Lettuce, Tomato, Top Bum Keep the ball between the two double lines for 5 seconds by holding it still Remove the "ork" part of "spork", leaving "spoon". Drag both planets into the hole Touch the strange figure on the left It may sound easy enough, but youll require quick reflexes, luck, mad skills and some good old insane logic. We may use conversion tracking pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook in order to identify when an advertisement has successfully resulted in the desired action, such as signing up for the HubPages Service or publishing an article on the HubPages Service.

But be careful; they switch positions after you hit the yellow light. Tap the red ninja stars watch the double negatives.

Let the bucket fill; make sure your iPhone or iTouch is rightside up. Touch all the targets. Follow directions; be careful about judging which balloon is lower.

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Drag the chocolate chips into there spots starting with one all the way up to four. Touch the buttons in this order: Remember the order because the directions disappear. Touch the bottom right fish see the reflection on the top bubble. Tap the mad face FAST till it disappears. Tap the 25, 25, 5, 10, Tap the top right set of eyes.

Tap the targets in this order: Touch the red then blue then yellow colored balloons. Touch all four candles at once. Drag the words "the electric coil" and then press continue.

The Impossible Quiz 2

Touch the green circle. Tap the word "continue" in the sentence at the top. Move the white light bulb and drag the bottom yellow light bulb into the square. Touch the red X. Drag the UFO over to the second to last person on the right and beam them up. Drag the bottom key to the lock.

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Touch the heart, the word "clubs", the word "diamonds", and then the spade. Tap "talk". Tap around the right edge. Shake your iPhone or iTouch repeatedly. Touch the ice on the left. Touch the first one on the left.

Lowest and the highest bill?

Make your iPhone or iTouch right-side up so the negative side is on the top. Move the green face, the purple face, and the text. Touch the top dial of the TV.

Impossible Quiz 2 Answer Guide Ipod Touch/IPhone/IPad

Tap the weight enough so it is clear of the "continue" button. Touch it when it's clear. Type "bananas". Rotate your iPhone or iTouch. Lastly, tap the sandcastle that appears. Touch the fish, and then keep tapping each new fish that appears. When the left side is done, touch the right.

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Then tap the sailboat. Posted by Dr. Move left or right the appropriate number of dates to the 25th.

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Stuff the stocking without coal: Make a snow angel: Tap the button. Stop the stars from flashing: Drag the stars away to reveal the red off button and tap it. Scratch the gift card: Use your finger to scratch off the code. Tap the card when instructed. Catch all the icicles when they fall: Tap the 5 icicles as they fall before they hit the ground.

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Hang the wreath: Find the nail on the left side of the screen and drag it onto the door. Hang the wreath upon it. Touch purple, green, red, then yellow: Put the primary color presents in the chimney: Left mittens have the thumb pointing to the right unless upside down. Right mittens have the thumb pointing to the left unless upside down. Bake the cookie at degree Fahrenheit: Make a snowman from right to left: Tap the screen on the middle snowball toward the top-right to place the right arm and mitten followed by the face, the hat and lastly the left arm and mitten.

Help Santa go down the chimney: Make a snowstorm in 15 seconds: Tap the 11 snowflakes as they move about the screen.

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Ring the bells in the correct order: