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Every active specification is an living organism and browser vendors are constantly adding new features which they than propose the the appropriate commission W3C in case of HTML and CSS. You know that button in iOS 1 that takes you up a level in an app? On a touch device, for example, the target area for the link could be bigger than the visual size of the button to allow for less accurate tapping. The syntax is fairly straightforward: Mike Wax. On Page A I am having few image link each direct to 2nd page and some data on data table.

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Styling hover, focus and active states

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iOS style back buttons with CSS3 - JSFiddle

Permalink to comment January 24, Did you fix your problem? Toggling into 2 pages only?? Permalink to comment February 25, Permalink to comment April 7, Adam Haworth. Permalink to comment June 30, I love this button its had great use on my site, thank you for taking your time to share: Permalink to comment July 19, Other than what was said in the first post, is there any reason for it to be like that?

Permalink to comment August 23, Any ideas on having the submit button go back to whatever page send it there in the first place? Permalink to comment September 20, Permalink to comment October 7, Naveen P Suthar. Permalink to comment November 1, Deepak Gupta.

Permalink to comment November 3, Permalink to comment November 11, Permalink to comment November 29, Thank you so much for this little easy but useful script! Tested the PHP script, works great! Permalink to comment January 16, Excellent code. Thank you Mike ZeePoints. Permalink to comment March 6, Permalink to comment April 16, Permalink to comment May 3, Alisha Myers.

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Permalink to comment June 14, Thanks so much for the sanitized php version. It fixed a vulnerability that was coming up. Permalink to comment July 16, Victoria Wagman. Permalink to comment August 20, Permalink to comment August 22, Permalink to comment September 17, Permalink to comment February 1, Permalink to comment February 10, I have the bellow section of code I need a back button in there echo "We are very sorry, but there were error s found with the form you submitted.

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Styling buttons, the right way

Permalink to comment June 6, Permalink to comment June 24, Kabar Bola. Permalink to comment July 13, I put this on my mobile version wordpress theme. Mike Wax. Permalink to comment July 17, I am a little bit of a newbie to PHP, so I apologize if this is a dumb question….

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Permalink to comment October 3, For Chrome use below code: I hope it will help… Happy coding.. Permalink to comment February 20, Shubham Mathur.

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  • iOS Style “Back” Button in CSS | Writings.

Permalink to comment September 15, Permalink to comment January 19, You know that button in iOS 1 that takes you up a level in an app? The basic styles for the link are: Using inline-block allows the button width to size dynamically to the content. The position and z-index are to position our pseudoelements.

How do you stay up to date in this fast⁠-⁠moving industry?

The padding and line-height are to position our link within the button. This code gets us this:. A pseudoelement is used for the main box of the button: The box is positioned absolutely to and behind the link. We could drop a pseudoelement and apply these styles directly to the link, but separating them allows us to separate the size of the target from the visual size of the button. On a touch device, for example, the target area for the link could be bigger than the visual size of the button to allow for less accurate tapping.

Pseudoelements are rather widely supported. This next bit makes use of CSS transforms which are less well supported. Concessions could be made 2 at this point to allow unsupportive browsers to be shown a standard button by adding back the left border. For browsers that support it, this gets the full effect:. Using a transform instead of a CSS triangle allows for a lot more possibilities. It gets positioned behind everything else to help hide any weird artifacts.