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How to configure location services on iPhone
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  • iPhone System Services Privacy Settings (iOS 12)? To be clear, your name and personal info is not included in this tracking — your behavior is. For example — from the home screen, open Google Maps.

Cell Network Search (System Service)

I really hope this guide is helpful, and makes the task of managing your privacy easier — but privacy really is a murky subject. For example, do you enjoy knowing what traffic is before leaving the house?

There is a moving line between convenience and privacy — at what point do you want your data hidden, and want to take advantage of crowd-sourced conveniences? Best of luck with this guide, and please post in the comments if I missed anything. Dennis O'Donnell is co-founder at Clear-Coat Scratch Protection, where he is currently focused on product development, marketing, operations, and drinking too much coffee.

He is a big fan of running, hiking, and productivity hacks. Is it possible for a family member use certain apps plus some kind of child settings to get some kind of control of my iPhone? I have been hacked for almost a year and need some kind of help iPhone 6 Thx for taking the time to find out what all the features mean under System Services.

This is really helpful however my son has the same iphone as me but he dosent have location services within system services can anyone help with this, thanks. In response to above question, he could have it restricted. Click on settings, general, restrictions, and scroll down to see if location services has been disabled.

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Would appreciate a post on error messages, the numbers and their meanings. It matters, really. Sure wish there was a way to simply delete error messages or an app that checks and automatically corrects the errors. Does the data Apple collects for wi-fi, cell towers, and traffic, for example, count as cellular usage on my limited data plan if I have these services turned on?

I have a request. The settings in the order they appear on iOS 8 is:. One might assume they are self explanatory…but with corporations and governments you never know what kind of surprise is lurking behind a seemingly harmless label.

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Could you research those with Apple and update the article? One final thought: Thanks again for writing a great article. I look forward to sending an link to everyone I know so they can be better informed.

This was great info. A great deal of my concern is about my iPhone battery being used for info. I have changed a few things now and will see if battery life improves. Thanks for the article.

How To Fix No Service On iPhone 6?

I think you are wrong about the compass calibration though. The compass will work without the location service for it turned on, BUT, if you do have the location service turned on for the compass, underneath, it will also show you your exact GPS location and your elevation above sea level and all that good stuff. I did this while in the Wal-Mart parking lot with my son the other day with my services off and his on, and the compass worked fine for both of us, but his had some pretty cool information under it that I did not have on my iPhone 4 I skipped the 5 and went to the iPhone 6 regular.

System Services

Thank you very much for this article. Thank you. Very informational. I appreciate all your information.

Hidden iPhone Privacy Settings: A Guide

Why would someone turn off their cellular data? If cellular data is turned off, does that prevent some information from being documented? I was thinking of using apps such as ibotta or berrycart but am concerned about their privacy and the receipt scanning.

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  • Understanding iOS Location Services and what they do.

After reading this article I was wondering what your opinion was about these apps. Or am I opening myself up to identity theft?

What are location services?

Would appreciate a post on error messages, the numbers and their meanings. Continue Reading. The location data doesn't leave your phone. If you only use Apple's Health and Activity apps, you can turn these off. There are typically three options that a user can choose from that allow an application to access your location:

Glad I stumbled across your article because I changed a ton of settings in my phone! It's safe to turn this off. Compass Calibration This is specifically for the compass app. If you never use the Compass app, feel free to disable. Location-Based Alerts Some apps, like HiFutureSelf, tell your device to trigger an alert when you cross a specified geographic area geofence. The location data doesn't leave your phone. If you use HiFutureSelf Location based alerts or want the Wallet to show your Boarding pass when you arrive to the airport, keep this on.

It's safe to disable. If you find your fitness apps are not functioning correctly, you can re-enabled it later.

How to Turn Off Location Services on iOS Devices |

Setting Time Zone This setting automatically adjusts your timezone based on your location. If you disable it, you'll have to adjust it yourself when you arrive to a new timezone. I pesonally have this disabled. Share My Location Unfortunately friends get lost.