Sony xperia j memory problems

Fix insufficient storage available on Sony Xperia J Sony Xperia miro memory card problem. Started by: All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Hi, Does anyone know how to save media to the memory card on the Sony Miro? I can currently only save to the phone memory which is now full. Cannot find option to save to SD card.

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It's probably something really simple but can't find it. Desperate now, Please help. Message 1 of 6. Unfortunately it's not possible to move apps the external SD card in Xperia. It's only possible to move apps from the phone memory to the internal storage. You'll find more information about this if you go to the following FAQ topic: Message 2 of 6. Message 3 of 6.

Xperia J: Can anyone please explain the memory problems ?

Message 4 of 6. It seems the easiest way is to connect to a computer via usb. Tha manual is here: There is some issue with how Android handles memory and for some consumers this may be the wrong choice for them as they don't want to dive into how this OS works and how the memory is segmented and more.

Also, your supplier, support and more has not resolved the issues you encountered. To wit, why keep what doesn't work? Just sharing. Bob, the OP asked a perfectly reasonable and clear question: Why does the Android OS fail to install small apps when there is plenty of storage available? Despite him saying at he has worked in IT, you decide to tell him what memory is - and you then talk about 'memory' and 'storage' as being two kinds of, er, 'memory' You're impressed with Android, but an OS that can't install or update tiny apps when there is a ton of spare storage available isn't great.

Rude and muddled. As to muddled, as one version of Android is not like the next, where is the mud? All I can do is to discuss it and when folk find a bad Android device, call it and hopefully they can move to a better device. Hi, I'm back for a minute You write "There is some issue with how Android handles memory and for some consumers this may be the wrong choice for them as they don't want to dive into how this OS works and how the memory is segmented and more.

Even if this end-user discovers these issues, what is he going to do? Investigate every other phone to see if the same issues are not present there? Stay clear of Android and bail out to iPhone because of that? Do you think this issue would really rank so high on a regular person's agenda and priority list? Because you claim here that this issue alone should and could be a sole determinant, yes, a deal-breaker, for pretty much anyone. But if we, as people, start making such big deals out of such small issues, we are going to end up running from one device to another, from one manufacturer to another and from one life to another never finding peace and never being satisfied with anything.

Life is a matter of recognizing things that are worth getting worked up about and things that are not. And this issue, while annoying, is not worth getting worked up about so much as to want to dump the entire phone and get something else that is going to have similar issues. You have to recognize when it's time to be patient and let things be as they are for a while, or maybe even for a very long time.

And only work on things that have a reasonable chance of being successful. This way, you'll always be effective and not be wasting your time on stuff that is insolvable anyway for the time being. I, for one, can recognize that you yourself, mr. Bob, are frustrated by these Android problems and you have no way to solve them for yourself either.

Perhaps your employer is making choices that put you in a hard or impossible position. And you have accepted that you have to plow on without any real satisfactory solution in sight. And so you become bitter about the whole thing and just recommend other people to do what you would love to do: But other people are not in your position and are not as frustrated as you might be.

Other people may still have a little time and will to tackle these issues and maybe find a solution that you could have overlooked. Sony responded to me but failed to really clarify and also failed to respond to my response to them. But what they said did in fact indicate a memory segmentation issue. They wrote translated: However, this space is needed for a proper functionality of the device, and as such not freely accessible for you as a user.

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Phone and Internal memory. . Still, I keep having update problems, even when the download is no .. I recently got the Sony Experia M2. Hi, I am having a problem with xperia j as the external memory card(sony) keeps getting unmounted unexpectedly and soon after that my sd.

In order to clear space in that memory you could potentially choose to use a Clear app such as Cleanmaster. These applications clean up your device, delete unnecessary appdata and in this way clear space. Perhaps it does something.

The memory of Sony Xperia J is saturated

I'm on my second now, first an Xperia E, then L, and this thing of partitioned internal storage has irritated me on both. I run on my phone and it keeps it running really fast. We will discover in the 1st place the key reason why the memory is saturated. What you have done is simply not useful at all. Take a picture To turn on the flash:. Save your money and buy something better than this.

What you have done is simply not useful at all. Not at all. You merely questioned question-asker's motives and that's all you have done.

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You have not provided any help whatsoever. You are like a baker who refuses to sell bread and merely tells his customers, or would-be customers, to not buy bread anymore. But he doesn't close his bakery shop just yet. He tells other people to do what he doesn't have the balls to do himself. And in this he errs, because he fails to take responsibility for his own choices, and in his failure to make a choice, starts interfering with other people's choices regarding the same. If you can't fix your own life, you can at least try to fix the lives of other people Other people's lives do not need fixing by you.

That's the same for everyone. By "You are like a baker who refuses to sell bread and merely tells his customers, or would-be customers, to not buy bread anymore. That this baker tells his customers, or would-be customers, to not buy his bread anymore. He probably doesn't care whether they buy bread from someone else, but he yearns to quit being a baker, so instead of quitting himself he tries to dissuade people from buying from him.

Maybe, if they do, he can quit his job. I can't hope to fix anyone's life. But as a programmer of many things over the years and now Android Apps I can see where folk are upset over how memory works in Android. You ask if I expect folk to learn about this area. I have to go with yes. And then if a device is worse than the usual, well, that speaks for itself.

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Can you explain for plain folk why there is an issue or issues here and why? It appears that nodding and telling folk there is no direct download and install to external memory is not enough. I've kept track of XDA Developers and more and so far no one has seen fit to tackle a workaround to download and install to external or SD cards directly.

[Xperia J] storage problem :(

Well we could note we could put the APK on the card but that still doesn't fix it and then we have the Play Store that won't co-operate. You are starting to make points to why folk like the iPhone. You seem to think there's a solution to this. The added card gives us space to move apps to, store files and such. But the direct install as noted is not in the cards. I know folk want a more modern OS that doesn't have us learning about it but Android is an odd beast of an OS.

It's a bit too raw for some. I'm sorry if this may upset some. If u can't move apps to an sd card then why have an sd card slot??? I had the Experia J for about 18 months. It still looked like new. But it only has RAM of mb. You needed even 18 months ago 1Gb RAM or more. Also the internal memory storage if I remember rightly was 2Gb.

I didn't add so many apps but it came to the point when updates kept adding to that internal storage. So I got that alert that it was not possible to update because of lack of memory. I recently got the Sony Experia M2. It has at least twice as much RAM as the J, maybe 3 times. And its internal memory is 5Gb.

It was reasonably priced as phones go.

How to fix insufficient storage available on Sony Xperia J

I know this is a little old now, but thank you to the OP for kind of confirming for me that this seems to a bit of a quirk with the Sony Xperias - and one you don't know about until it's too late! I'm on my second now, first an Xperia E, then L, and this thing of partitioned internal storage has irritated me on both. It was a bigger issue on the E than the L as the internal storage was half the size to begin with. L doesn't fill up quite so often, but I still had to disable all Sony bloatware and be fairly brutal with any app that can't be moved from the "device memory" to the "internal storage".

Basically of the 5. If they insist on doing this, they could do with increasing that. Wish I hadn't bought the L as a result, but hoped the issue with the E was down to it being the most cheapo of the range. Anyway, looking to replace my phone early in the new year, so thanks for verifying that I probably shouldn't go for M2 I was half thinking about. My wife has a Moto G and this doesn't seem to have the same set up, so I think I will go for either that, or maybe take a punt on Windows.

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